Canyon's Annual Member Challenge

Each year Canyon presents its members with a challenge to create a quilt or related project to be displayed and sold at the November meeting. For several years, our challenge quilts have been displayed at Visions Art Museum for their visitors to have a chance to view them, and purchase any that have not already sold.



Falling leaves quilt

Reveal at the November 16, 2020 Guild Meeting

The theme for the 2020 member challenge will be announced sometime in July 2020 and posted here shortly thereafter.

Reveal at the November 18, 2019 Guild Meeting

2019 Challenge: Game Night!


Game night was always a fun way to end the work week. Whether we were at the kitchen table with Risk, Monopoly or Clue it was an opportunity for one of the kids to take over the world or accuse one of us of making bad choices in the library with the candlestick, who knew Mrs. Peacock was capable of such things? This challenge is our chance to recreate a family tradition, share unspeakable fun (Taboo), discovery, settlement & trade (The Settlers of Catan), the Magical world of words (Disney family Cranium) or Mix in the chaos, stir in the fun! (Bananagrams).

Let’s have some fun, join in the games and let’s see who wins…

What's your favorite game?

Challenge Rules

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What's your favorite game?